Mundane herbs

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Herbs that do not have any magical or extraordinary properties are categorized as mundane herbs. These are found in everyday use.

Mundane Herbs

  • Wartmoss. Chewed like a tobacco. Due to its' ease of use, it is favoured by sailors.
  • Skribbane. Moderately hallucinogenic and extremely addictive. Strengthens its' imbiber for a short period of time. Banned in most areas controlled by the Empire.
  • Sourgrass. Relatively unknown and only located in a single valley within Valorim. Used to brew Hrras juice.


  • Soporific Brew. Causes extreme lethargy and fatigue within the imbiber. A certain tribe of ogres have been known to have farmed, harvested, processed and produced these kind of brews on Morrow's Isle.

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