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Skribbane is an herb with powerful stimulating and addictive effects when ingested by humans.

When chewed, skribbane releases strange substances into the body, which simultaneously erase fear and doubt and increase strength and stamina. Skribbane has been used for combat readiness and even to enhance meditation.

After the initial effects wear off, most users experience serious pain, often prompting more use of the herb. Repeated use of skribbane results in a powerful physically and psychological addiction to the substance.

Skribbane can also be boiled into a soporific brew, which makes those who drink it dazed and decimates their willpower.

Skribbane trafficking has been a problem in parts of the Empire, notably in Valorim where the herb was grown on the Isle of Bigail and consumed voraciously in Gale during the law-lacking time of the Plagues.