Ndovlu Mountains

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Source: Ironclad canon
A map with the Ndovlu Mountains clearly marked

The Ndovlu Mountains are an extremely large mountain chain stretching from the center of Pralgad, across the isthmus connecting Pralgad to Valorim, and ending at the north end of Valorim. Long considered impassable, the first mention of anyone crossing them was a group of Nephilim fleeing the persecution of the Empire in the middle of the fourth century IE. They are thought to either have perished in the mountains, found the famed Ratbane Clan of Valorim, or become the Ratbane Clan. Later, inspired by Emperor Ironclad XIII, explorers climbed the mountains while the Imperial Navy sailed around them, and the continent of Valorim was discovered.



Stretching from the center of the eastern half of Pralgad to northern Valorim, ending near Blackcrag Fortress in Valorim.


Approximately 250,000 square miles.

Highest Point

Mount Spire, at approximately 2.5 miles above sea level.


So far, no passes through the mountains have been discovered. They are almost always passed by sea travel.