Blackcrag Fortress

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Blackcrag Fortress
Footracer Province
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Blackcrag Fortress is on the northernmost point of the continent of Valorim, blending into the Ndovlu Mountains farther north. It is north of every other city in Valorim, and is seven days hard ride for an Imperial courier to Krizsan, Krizsan Province, the southern end of Valorim.


Among the various settlements of Valorim, Blackcrag was one of the first. When the Imperial Navy discovered Valorim, it was seen necessary by the Empire to protect the pass into the only land route between the two continents of Pralgad and Valorim. The Imperial Army set up the fortress very soon, and filled it with a garrison. Soon later, it was incorporated into Valorim's first province, Footracer Province.

The Plagues

During the Plagues, Empress Prazac I bulstered the garrison at Blackcrag Fortress and set up the Quarantine of Valorim. As Footracer Province was falling to a plague of Alien beasts, Blackcrag Fortress became the safest place in all of Valorim. Noting this, many refugees fled through the dangerous Foortracer Province to go to the Fortress, only to be denied at the gates.

Eventually, Prazac herself, worried about the continent, went from Solaria in Pralgad to the Fortress. The famous Surface Explorers arrived in the Fortress, the Surface Explorers relayed messages from Anaximander of Unspecified Services on behalf of Avernum, and Empress Prazac. Eventually, the Surface Explorers fulfilled their task and ended the Plagues of Valorim. Returning to the Fortress one last time, the Surface Explorers told Empress Prazac and, true to her word, she gave Avernum the area of Provincial Avernum as reward, as well as making the Surface Explorers Dervishes.