Spire Fortress

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Spire Fortress
Spire Cave
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Kingdom of Avernum
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Gateway to the Abyss

Spire Fortress was built in 793 IE the main gateway to the Abyss. It was a small tower nestled over a spire in a huge chasm north of the Great Cave and west of the Scree Pits. All people who had to go to the Abyss had to pass through Fort Spire. To get through the fort (if you're not a prisoner) you had to check in with the fort liason. Only those on the liason's list could come back through from the Abyss.

It wasn't until a few years later that a secondary passage was discovered that led to the Scree Pits from just north of Fort Spire. Thoughts about it being blocked were unneeded because they only way through the Scree Pits was through Fort Emerald and Gnass.

Fort Spire saw two destructions over it's years. The first was during the Empire War and the second was during the Retribution.