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Grah-Hoth is a Haakai lord and a prince among demons. He ruled the caverns that came to be known as Exile from his great fortress of Akhronath, and was an enduring and bitter foe to the humans who came to live there, especially the Kingdom of Avernum. His lieutenants have included such renowned Haakai lords as Astar and Adze.

Grah-Hoth's demons were responsible for the death of some of the First Expedition, including its leader, Karzoth. When the fledgeling Kingdom of Avernum appeared, he was its greatest foe, until an army of mages, led by the Five, defeated him in 779 IE. Rone, Patrick, and Erika then used their magic to trap him in a bottle in Skarragath.

From his prison, he continued to plot against the Avernites, lending his power to the slithzerikai warlord Sss-Thsss. In 817 IE Grah-Hoth struck out and demolished Fort Remote; soon afterward, adventurers broke the seal on his prison, and banished him.

In 833 IE the archmage Linda attempted to summon and bind Grah-Hoth, but failed. In the resulting Tower of Magi disaster, Grah-Hoth and his minions destroyed the Tower and were preparing to lead a flood of demons in an asasult on Exile when they were dispatched by the Surface Explorers of Unspecified Services. He has not been heard from since.