Swamp Folk

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Swamp folk are a rare and unique species: they are fungal humanoids. Seemingly further removed from humans than any other humanoid, Swamp Folk are nonetheless intelligent, civilized, and capable creatures.


As their name suggests, swamp folk live in swamps. They often favor swampy caverns, for the homelike quality the more closed space affords them. However, they have only been spotted on the surface. A large clan of them is reported to exist on Morrow's Isle.

Physical Traits

Swamp folk have muscular bodies with a thick, green skin. Their other distinguishing feature is their arms. At the end of each arm, instead of a hand, they have long strands of ropy, vinelike flesh. These strands are versatile. Swamp Folk typically drag them behind them when they walk, snaring all sorts of small creatures and plants as potential edibles. The strands can also be used to grip and manipulate tools and other objects with fair dexterity.

Finally, the strands secrete a weak acid. This gives them the ability to be used as vicious, stinging whips in combat or when chasing prey.

Swamp folk are capable of speech. Their voices are high and extremely shrill. No attempts have been made to translate writing services between their language and any language spoken by humans.

Society and Behavior

Although they can be fierce predators, swamp folk often set up crude farms, using compost to cultivate toadstools in their caves. They also use compost as beds.

Swamp folk are territorial creatures, but they are not aggressive. They have never been known to attack other humans, unless their homes have been violated.

They are also religious. Little is known about their beliefs, but they have been observed to create altars. They use their acidic secretions to etch the stone.