Temple of the Surging Darkness

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Religion in Ermarian
Temple of the Surging Darkness
Central Tenet: Cruelty leads to Power
Leader: Anzovin
Founded: before IE 831 | Centered in: Gorst

A shrine located in the island town of Gorst in south-eastern Karnold. The central beliefs of this temple is that the Dark Powers are in wait for cruel forces to arise among humans where upon they will imbue these mortals with unholy power to facilitate their takeover of the mortal world.

Despite the overtly evil tendencies of this religion the authorities paid little attention due to its distance from the centers of powers and admitted lack of success of gaining the sustained attention of the Dark Powers. Any following that this temple may have had was lost during the great storms of IE 832 which destroyed much of Gorst and caused most of the residents to flee.

It is unknown what happened to last known priest of this temple, Anzovin.