Karnold Province

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Karnold Province

Karnold Province is one of the many Provinces of the Empire. It is located in south-central Valorim, east of Krizsan Province and the Isle of Bigail, and south of Midori Province. Its capital is Sharimik, in the western area of the province.


Karnold Province, along with Krizsan Province, is one of the least settled areas of the Empire. Large tracts are still wilderness, with wild Ursagi, Slithzerikai, and other monsters inhabiting the province along with Humans. The interior of the province is a large valley, and is mostly unsettled by the Empire.

The Plagues

During the Plagues of Valorim, Karnold was attacked by humanoids that had been previously wiped out, the Troglodytes. The source of the Troglodytes, the Troglodyte Castle. The savage Troglodytes had been created for the purpose of war as their primary objective from Rentar-Ihrno, and did this well. They raided trading caravans and settlements, most notably Aminro and Angel's Rest. Eventually, the Surface Explorers arrived and dramatically reduced the threat by downing the barrier between the Troglodyes and Giants. The two races, hating each other passionately, attacked each other, and both suffered dramatic losses in population. Weakened by the battle, the Imperial Army was able to mop up the surviving Troglodytes more or less completely.


During the Reconciliation of the Empire and Avernum, Empress Prazac I had negotiated a deal with Anaximander of Unspecified Services. In return for the Surface Explorers removing of the Plagues of Valorim, Prazac granted Avernum a grateful gift. Karnold Province was partioned into two, effectively splitting the province in half, and former Empire lands became Provincial Avernum. Though some inhabitants of Karnold were resentful for the loss of so much rich land, this eventually changed as Karnold became much richer for trade with Provincial Avernum.


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