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Personal Information

I have spent my whole life in Australia. I have Windows XP version 2003 service pack 2 and I was born in 1995.

Spiderweb Software

I first discovered Spiderweb Software when I got the oldest versions of Exile & Exile 2 on a games CD when I was in year 3 (2004). I have started 7 Blades of Exile scenarios but I haven't finished one yet. I have registered all the Avernum Games except for A4. I am learning avernumscript here.

Other Information

I like to watch comedies older than me like M*A*S*H* and The Two Ronnies. I am working on a BoE scenario called Mystery of the fire murders but I should rename it soon. When I complete it I will write a walkthrough for it. My time zone is GMT+10 hours(Greenwich Mean Time).

Encyclopedia Ermariana

I joined Encyclopedia Ermariana on the 24th of April 2006 and I have done a lot for the encyclopedia. Here is a list of articles I have made or edited. The reason my link to gazers was red was because I typed in Gazer when I should have typed in Gazers.

  • I created Doomguard but it is totally different now.
  • I added Jeweled Golem to Golems.
  • I created Magical barriers but now it redirects you to Magic barriers (I didn't know that there was an existing article.)
  • I created Troglodytes. (The first article that I created that is not a stub.)

To Do List

  • Find Sixus in A2
  • Search for wanted articles in Encyclopedia Ermariana
  • Create wanted articles in Encyclopedia Ermariana


  • I have stopped making the BoE scenarios Fire Goblins, Giant War,Rogues of the Black Skull and Cavequake Chaos due to plot problems.
  • I have started to make a scenario called the Mystery of the Fire Murders.
  • I have abandoned Mystery of the Fire Murders and moving to BoA. I doubt that i will continue it.