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Personal Info

A wandering researcher devoted to documenting the ways of everyday life for posterity, Grimm is enigmatic at best and terrifying at worst to those whome he is reaserching. Rumors in outlying villages speculate that he is some form of Spectre (see Undead) meant to bring bad luck, but random encounters through the wilderness have proven that he is indeed flesh and blood.

Those who know Grimm personally do so through his work with Lenar Labs. Grimm has a hobbyist's interest in the history of Ermarian, and hopes to share his research through the Encyclopedia.

Topics of Interest

Items that Grimm is researching or simply wants to keep up on.



Hawthorne III

Human religions


Redmark College


Grimm's Articles

Projected Projects

These are small projects that Grimm is either compiling or planning to compile, on a part-time basis. Whether or not these are to be included with the Encyclopedia is yet to be decided.

The Adventurer's Guide to Alchemy

The Adventurer's Spell Reference

The Casual Hobbyist's Guide to Weaponry and Armor