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Not much information is known about 'X', formerly of the Triad. He is a powerful but reclusive archmage, and it was a great surprise to those in the Tower of Magi when he was elevated to the Triad. It is rumored that much of his time is devoted to his research on the cutting edge of magic, especially in the arts of war, botany, and teleportation. A large number of magically enchanted items, known as the Xian Items, have come out of his laboratories, although very few of them are actually practical. As anyone who has visited him in his tower recently can attest, he is still working on a spell that will drop an anvil on the head of an enemy from 100 paces.

It is not known why 'X' was Exiled, but it is certain that he was not Exiled at the same time as the Five, and that he was not involved in their political struggle. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not he was Exiled before or after the Five. Some popular rumors suggest that his research into the occult and strange demeanor frightened mages on the surface. It is estimated that he is well over 120 years old.