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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
City of Stonehurst
Northeastern Aizo
Imperial Governor
Major Industries
Trading, Other

Stonehurst is the capital of Aizo, and is located in the northeastern part of the continent.

Imperial Dominion

The Imperial Governor of Aizo resides in Stonehurst, and commands a great deal of power. Unlike the more wild Vantanas, the Imperial Governor actually controls the majority of the continent, due to the strong trade between Pralgad and Aizo, giving rise to a large presence of the Imperial Army and Imperial Navy.


Stonehurst, without a doubt, is the largest city in Aizo, and matched in sheer numbers only by the metropolies of Pralgad, like Imperius and Solaria. Over four million citizens and travellers were in the Stonehurst region during the last Imperial Census. Of these, only a small percent were traders, adventurers, or other travelers.

Racial Makeup

Due to xenophobic attitudes, there are not many Non-Humans in Stonehurst, and of those that are, the overwhelming majority are Nephil. There are roughly one hundred Slithzerikai in the city, and six thousand Nephil in the city and farmlands of Stonehurst.

On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of Stonehurst are humans. Of these humans, fourty percent are Pralgadian, a high percent for Aizo, and the rest are ethnic Aizoan.

Languages and Literacy

Meanwhile, being on the continent of Aizo, the birhtplace of the Aizoan Empire, there are more languages than just the Pralgadian Imperial Standard. These include:

Literacy wise, there is again a higher amount than usual in the city of Stonehurst. Over seventy percent of adults over fifteen can read and write.


As the largest port in all of Aizo, Stonehurst as essential to intercontinental trade. Fine quality textiles and exotic woods, as well as many varieties of ore, are brought into the Pralgadian markets via caravans to Stonehurst. Here, the Sailor's Association trades them for manufactured goods from Pralgad and food from Valorim, before taking the Aizoan goods to Pralgad for refining.