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The Arena canon is the collection of assertions and predictions made by the formidable record of the Arena.

The Worldribbon

The Worldribbon is a great and confusing thing linking, at the very least, Ermarian, Earth, New Cradle, and the Cyrath homeworld in space and time.

The Cyrath

The Cyrath are a race of blue-green humanoids extremely and inexplicably similar to the Ermarian hominids. They are distinguished by an advanced level of telepathy, a third eyeball, and a subtle but inescapable compulsion to fly. This compulsion is not apparently cultural, either; even after major cataclysms, Cyrath technology has continuously aspired to the skies.

In the Arena timeline, they are consistent rival for the people of Ermarian, and often presented themselves as a rising menace, although on more than one occasion have been allies or mercenaries for Ermarian factions.


Civilization-destroying events occurred fairly frequently throughout the time chronicled in the Arena canon. Two in particular stand out:

The Sundering of Aizo: Aizo, once the largest continent, was almost completely destroyed, leaving only a comparatively small remnant in the southern hemisphere. This was associated with the sudden rise of Doston from the sea and a global climactic catastrophe.

This Cataclysm destroyed the Empire and the civilization associated with it, although a substantial enough remnant remained to participate in the politics of the Arena for many years.

The Divine Flame: A major apocalyptic cult, after essentially overrunning the southern part of Doston, wound up obliterating the major cities of Aizo - absolutely annhilating any native culture and leaving a nigh-on uninhabited environment for Aixo to arise - and crashing a death satellite into the planet, causing global chaos and the reversal of human civilization.

Each cataclysm is set hundreds, if not thousands, of years from the present day.


In the Arena canon, there exist first four, then five continents: in the western and northern hemispheres Doston; in the southern and western hemisphere Aizo/Aixo; in the northern and eastern hemispheres Pralgad and Valorim, linked by landbridge; and in the rough center in both latitude and longitude Vantanas.


Ermarian orbits about Alxus, being the fourth planet to orbit the same; it possesses one moon of Earth-like proportions. It is linked by the mysterious worldribbon to Earth, Rath, New Cradle, and Sextus.


Noteworthy fagots from the Arena canon include Imban, Thuryl, and Alec.

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