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Vantanas is a continent rich in minerals, spices, gems, and danger. First claimed by the Empire in 455 IE, settlement did not begin in earnest until 482 IE. Nowadays, most of the continent's population consists of fortune-seekers and menial workers employed by Pralgadian companies. Very little of the continent has been settled by the Empire, as numerous local tribes still occupy the land. So far, neither the required manpower or effort has been directed towards annexing the land for the Empire.



The continent of Vantanas


The continent of Vantanas covers an area of approximately 500,000 square miles, a quarter as large as Aizo.


Relatively to the other continents, Vantanas is the one furthest to the south. It lies somewhat eastern and far southern of Valorim.


Vantanas has a decidedly tropical climate, with extreme humidity all year and high maximum temperatures. While cooler near the mountains, the weather is also much less predictable there.


The terrain of Vantanas is extremely varied. Inside the mountain range in the southwest (see map), there are sandy beaches, sheer rock faces, and extremely dry land. Further inland is mostly swamp, although it turns to jungle and then tropical rainforest the further east is traveled. The northern area of Vantanas is volatile and rocky, as several active and dormant volcanos continually change the landscape. The northwestern section of the continent is forest with extremely low canopies and very unstable ground.

Vantanas also contains two small island chains and several other archipelagos off the coast of the continent proper.


At Present Day, there are just over four million citizens of the Empire living in Vantanas, including both humans and friendly species. An abnormally large percentage of them, around 6%, are Slithzerikai. The warmer climate suits them better than the caves of Exile. This total does not include the native tribes of Vantanas, but some statisticians estimate another two million tribesmen occupy the continent.


Authority on Vantanas stretches only as far as a significant Empire presence can be maintained. Generally, the farther from the capital one ventures, the less interference the Empire has in daily affairs. The exceptions are areas of great economic or strategic importance to the Imperial Governor, who controls the continent for the Empress.


The capital of Vantanas is Woodsmuir, which is located on the northwestern shore of the main landmass. The Imperial Governor resides in Woodsmuir.


The continent's economy is driven by land speculation, mine prospects, spice farms, and, of course, the goods produced. Adventurers looking for a payday or frontiersmen often go into business for themselves as merchants, traders, or miners. The most lucrative and most dangerous industry involves harvesting gemstones from volcanos and lands controlled by the tribes. Cross-continental trade is carried out equally by merchants hiring out the Imperial Navy and Sailor's Association. There is also a large market for medical supplies and hired guards.


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