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Artist's impression.

Slimes are gloopy, gelationous masses. They are unintelligent, but they like to dissolve things. Oozes, viscous goos and puddings are also part of the slime family.

Physical and Magical Traits

Slimes are usually easily distinguished by their bright colours (most defaulting to acidic green), and almost all slimes tend to use disintegration and dissolution as digestive, offensive and defensive means equally to survive. Some specialized slimes are composed of various magical substances such as poison, acid and ice, while others may divide into small pieces when harmed. In very rare cases some magically augmented slimes are known to even possess very shallow magical abilities, most notably the ability to summon creatures and wield elements.

The most disturbing ability that the slimes, namely creatures known as augmented slimes, are known to have had is the ability to merge with other creatures. It is reported that at least the Surface Explorers ran into this kind of experimentation during their journey to exterminate the slime plague, while exploring one of the slime-conquered caverns at the southern parts of Krizsan Province. These horrid merging attempts included at least a goblin, a wolf and a giant lizard. The Surface Explorers reportedly ended the abominations' suffering.

Types of Slimes

Cave Slimes

  • Cave slime is the most common form of slimes found in most of Exile.
  • Searing slime
  • Draining slime
  • Bursting ooze

Ice Slimes

  • Ice slimes are elemental cave slimes that use freezing attacks to harm their prey. They also feature a natural resistance to cold. It is noteworthy that ice slimes can be found either in packs or leading a solitary existence; on the contrary to their normal cave slime -cousins which are almost without exception found in packs.
  • Ice puddings have been known to live side by side with other ice-loving creatures, such as ice lizards and cryohydra. These puddings are special in the way that they radiate a cold field of ice when they feel threatened, or when they're hunting food.

Rare Varieties

  • Royal slime
  • Mung slime is a variety that is covered in a layer of acid, making them notorious and feared creatures.
  • Abyssal slime
  • Slime from Beyond is a breed of slimes that the ursagi altar was capable of summoning to its' aid.

Viscous Goos

  • Viscous goo is an extremely vicious type of slime. When attacked, it splits into several smaller goos, until hacked into pieces too small to function. Similar to a doomguard.

Augmented Varieties

Four colorful varieties of slimes were created as a Plague:

  • Amber slimes cover everything they touch in gooey webs that make it hard to move.
  • The muck of emerald slimes induces sleep.
  • Mauve slimes were somehow imbued with minor spellcasting ability.
  • The dangerous ochre slimes are composed partially of acid.

Most of the augmented slimes were spawned in huge, roomlike cesspits of gel known as slime pools. The slime pools, in turn, were tended by the potentially unique alien slime. The alien slime was a truly massive slime, covered in tentacles, that was able to form other slimes from its own body.

Transformed Slimes

  • Slime zombie is a form of undead which can infect its' victims with an acidic layer while attacking.
  • Slime shambler

Manipulation by Mages

As Plague


As Magical Reagent

Jordan Bojar, mages on Morrow's Isle.

As Agent