Darkside Loyalists

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A band of racist surface traditionalists who saw the Empire's leadership under Empress Prazac I getting weaker. They planned to usurp control and bring complete control to all lands. But before they could do this, they needed power and numbers.

During Time of Shades

Plans came into action in 854 IE as their leader named Dorikas ordered the Darkside Loyalists into the underworld to build their power and gain support. Dorikas sent out spies all over Avernum and made alliances with brigands, nephilim, sliths, and even the mayor of Spire. He also paid well for the heads of any adventurers. In 855 IE, Dorikas heard rumors about a particular group of adventurers (who later came to fame by killing the Black Shades) near the Fort Monastery area. He tried to have them killed but failed. It was this very same group of adventurers (the Shade Killers), that ultimately drove out the Darkside Loyalists and Dorikas from the underworld.


Dorikas's dream of leading the Empire into a renewed state of control was put on hold. The Loyalists were weakened, but not gone. Dorikas again gained support, but this time he was cautious. Instead of planning and attacking, he planned and waited for the perfect moment to present itself. Years passed and the Darkside Loyalists grew stronger. After nearly 15 years of waiting, Dorikas assassinated Empress Prazac I in 870 IE.

End of Darkside Loyalists

If Dorikas thought he was going to be praised for killing the main cause of the weakness of the Empire, he was sorely mistaken. Outcry for the murderer of Prazac I was immediate. Most of the newfound Darkside Loyalists abandoned Dorikas who was then forced to flee with a few faithful Loyalists back into the underworld to escape capture. He found his way to the newly discovered Northern Frontier and found a very isolated cave to hold up in. He was found and assassinated by the Prazac Avengers in 872 IE.