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Levitt was a soldier of the Empire. He was captured during the Empire-Avernum War and sent to the Castle's prison where he was interrogated and tortured for information. In 823 IE he met the famed Empire War Heroes while being imprisoned, when the heroes visited the Castle.


After the Empire-Avernum War Levitt was sentenced to be sent to the Abyss, but he offered his services to the Crown. Levitt's offer was considered and accepted, granting him a position of a spy for the Avernite army.

In 855, during the Times of Shades a small group of soldiers originally based off from Fort Monastery (also known as the Shade Killers) came to him with information about the Darkside Loyalists. They provided the leader's name, Dorikas. Levitt requested the Shade Killers' help in driving Dorikas out of Avernum, in which they eventually succeeded.

Redmark Era

For the next 20 years, Levitt's life was considerably relaxed. With no huge problems afflicting the Kingdom of Avernum (with the exception of Dorikas' return into Exile caverns in 870 IE), he had no special commissions apart from trivial matters concerning the Kingdom's internal security. In 879 IE (after the Mushroom Blight), Levitt started using Skribbane herb.

In 880 IE (during the Horde invasion and appearance of the mushroom blight) he requested a small group of soldiers (later called the Horde Triad Slayers) to work for him.