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Matos was born sometime after the Second Slith War. He joined the Avernite Army in 849 IE. He showed skill in leadership early on. He proved his prowess on the battlefield in several skirmishes with bandits and goblins. In 853 IE, he was promoted to Captain and given the commanding officers spot at a new fort called Fort Monastery. The reason he got the post is that no one else wanted it. In 854, his first trial of his command was a group of goblins led by their chieftain Tryxtah. He sent for extra forces, and three months later, he got four young Avernite soldiers.

Training the Shade Killers

The first thing that he had to do for these young soldiers was to give them better equipment. Then Matos gave them their first mission to kill Tryxtah. They soon came back with the report of Tryxtah’s death. Matos rewarded them and gave them another mission, to go to Fort Draco and find out what was happening in Avernum. The soldiers leave and return about four days later with news of strange shades in cities and monsters in the waters. Matos was unsettled by the news. As he had no more work or rewards for the soldiers anymore, he released them from duty so that they could go and help out anywhere in Avernum. Thus began the trials of the Shade Killers. For this, Matos was promoted to Lieutenant.

Watching the Frontier

For years, pretty much nothing happened. There might have been some bats, goblins, or slimes here or there, but nothing too bad. The biggest thing to happen was the discovery of the Northern Frontier in 864 IE. For the first time ever, Fort Monastery had a real purpose. The main path to the frontier went by Fort Monastery’s gates. Trade was plentiful and the fort started to become rich. It now had the money to support more troops and patrol the roads. Then in