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Source: Drakefyre canon

The first King of Avernum, Micah was an efficient administrator and able leader in the early days of Avernum. Micah ruled from the Castle with wise advisors, including Royal Magician Rone and the Council.


Micah was born in 757 IE on the continent of Aizo. Struck in his youth by the overwhelming cruelty and brutality of the Empire, Micah created a group of rebellious youth that attacked Empire outposts and tried to liberate his local towns from the yoke of the Empire. He became well-known and famous, but the Empire could never catch him until he was betrayed by one of his own men. The rest of his band were slaughtered, but to avoid making Micah a martyr, he and his son were Exiled and thrown to the mercy of the caves. (Note: This son is not Chevyn. Unfortunately, he could not survive the harsh conditions in the caves and died shortly after arriving in the caves.)

Before the Five were Exiled, Micah attempted to band together warriors and defend the Exiles from the demons and Slithzerikai that threatened them. They managed to defend one settlement, the future Fort Avernum, until the Five were Exiled. They joined with Micah, and together they beat back the Sliths, imprisoned Grah-Hoth, and created the Kingdom of Avernum with Micah at its head.

Micah ruled as King from 777 - 836 IE, when he died and passed the crown to his son, Starrus, though the Council of Avernum would rule in Starrus's place during his childhood. Micah's death, at age 79, had been delayed by the combined efforts of Rone and other court mages, because of the sheer necessity of it. With no viable heir and the kingdom facing tribulation after tribulation, the strong rule of their leader was imperative. However, with Micah's increasing age (as well as Rone's own age and declining power), the magic became harder and harder to maintain, until, upon negotiating a treaty with the Empire, he insisted that the mages desist.

Leaders of Avernum
Full Name: Micah
Preceded by: founded Avernum Reigned: 777 - 836 IE Succeeded by: Starrus