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The Council was established to help King Micah govern Avernum. The Council was made up of the mayors of the six largest cities in Avernum - Silvar, Formello, Cotra, Almaria, Blosk, and Dharmon. In order to prevent an Emperor from coming to power in Avernum, the Council was given the power to rule alongside the King of Avernum.

Under Micah

However, due to Micah's strong will and fair governance, along with the Council's bickering and indecisiveness, the Council fell to the wayside and was merely a figurehead. Contributing to their ineffectiveness was the constant changing of Councilmembers, as mayors were replaced more often than kings.

Controlling Chevyn

When Micah died in 836 IE, the Council seized the opportunity and shoved Chevyn to the side, even blocking his coronation. Nobody in Avernum protested, recognizing Chevyn's general unsuitability to rule. For ten years, the Council ran day-to-day affairs, their only hiccup coming from their poor handing of the Second Slith War and near-abandonment of the Za-Khazi Run. But when Micah's youngest son, Starrus, turned 13 and came of age, there was a groundswell of support for him to be given his chance to rule Avernum. Buoyed by the support of many Second Slith War veterans, the Council acquiesced, and Starrus became King and Commander Houghton was tasked with readying him for rule.

Under Starrus

However, nobody in the Council suspected that one of the ruling tandem's first acts would be to abolish the Council. In 847 IE, a law written by Houghton and signed by Starrus dissolved the Council and made Houghton a regent until Starrus was considered able enough to rule an entire kingdom. However, after Houghton's death in 855 IE, Starrus has been receptive to the idea of reinstating the Council in a lesser advisory role.