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The onyx scepter is an artifact with a long history whose purpose was long unknown. There are other onyx scepters in existence but due to being incredibly difficult to make they are extremely rare. This particular scepter is famous for being the center of many important events in the history of Avernum. It is currently in the possession of Avernum's government.


The scepter has been described as beautiful looking scepter carved out of a single piece of pure black onyx, two to three feet in length and cool to the touch. After the events of the Empire-Avernum War the onyx scepter is claimed have changed to a bright white color.


The abilities of the onyx scepter were unknown to humanity in the early history of Avernum, although it's great power could be felt and so it was used as a lure for an infernal creature of great power. It wasn't until teleportation specialists learnt of it's true purpose, the scepter could close portals i.e. dimensional rifts and in the cause of a disrupted portal, repair the damaged tear in reality and space.

Despite being a powerful tool in the present day the onyx scepter and others of it's kind are consider archaic pieces of technology.


The onyx scepter has had a long and colorful history.

The First Expedition

The onyx scepter was one of the many magical items the the First Expedition brought with them to Exile. When the expedition was destroyed the scepter was thought lost in Avernum. Eventually it found its' way to Sulfras the Dragon.

The First Tower Disaster

In 816 IE a group of Mages from the Tower of Magi stole the scepter at great risk from Sulfras. The reason for the theft was to obtain an object which could be used as bait for the summoning of a Haakai Lord. The onyx scepter was taken by Hawthorne's Assassins after they killed the Haakai. They returned it to Sulfras, along with the Silver Circlet in exchange for passage through an exit to the surface. It is unknown, however, whether they actually escaped to the surface, or traced their steps back into the underworld.

Empire-Avernum War

The scepter came back to the center stage in 823 IE when the Triad Mage Mahdavi devised a plan to use the newly discovered powers of the scepter against the Empire Portal. Unfortunately the onyx scepter was under Empire control as they had captured Sulfras. Providentially for the sake of Avernum they had left the scepter with Sulfras and the Empire War Heroes freed the dragon in return for the scepter. The onyx scepter was succesfully used by them and they were able to destroy the mass teleporter and mend the ensuing rift in space using the scepter.

Time of Shades

After a long time of disuse the onyx scepter was given to the Shade-Killers by the Castle in 855 IE. This was done in order to help them disrupt the great Black Shades and destroy them.