Pergha mountains

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The Pergha mountains are a chain of mountains in northern Krizsan Province.


North of the Perghas is a sleeve of complete wilderness, ending at the southwestern strip of mountain range by Pergies, and at the northeastern strip of mountain range at Farport. Various beings are said to live in this mountain, such as a dryad, Ernest the teleportician, and various wild animals.

South of the Perghas, lies a tunnel that gives entrance to Fort Emergence, and by extension the rest of Upper Avernum. Also, there are, or rather were, droves of wild unicorns in the region. who had made their home in a small volcanic cave network east of Upper Avernum. The Unicorn Pass, named so due to the proximity of the unicorns, provides a convenient shortcut through this wilderness.


The caves of Upper Avernum are mostly located in the Pergha mountains, and further on the norther side of the Perghas is the caves of the Cult of the Sacred Item. East of Fort Emergence a ways is the Unicorn Caves, where the unicorns have made their home. On the southwest side of the Perghas lies the Pergies mines, which brings much profit to Krizsan Province. Expansionist Avernites have proposed taking the whole of the Perghas, but they are in the minority.