Fort Emergence

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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
Fort Emergence
Exile / Valorim
Upper Avernum / Krizsan
Major Industries
Kingdom of Avernum
Johnson (interim)
Espionage, trading, exploration, diplomacy

Located in Upper Avernum, Fort Emergence was originally established to allow Avernites to explore the surface. With an exit in the mountains north of Krizsan, in southern Valorim, Fort Emergence provided the Avernites with their first glimpse of the surface since they were Exiled.

Nowadays, Fort Emergence serves as a convenient passage between Exile and the Empire, and many merchants, wanderers, and adventurers pass through its gates each day.


The defence of Fort Emergence was maintained by the unified efforts of the Unspecified Services, the Tower of Magi and the Avernite Army. Commander Johnson was in charge of leading the soldiers and guards, while Anaximander was responsible for the First and Second Surface Explorers' coordination. The mages from the Tower maintained concealment spells to keep the Empire from stumbling upon the Fort.

The northern entrance was kept safe by a detachable bridge that could be collapsed into a pit of lava in case of an Empire attack.

Notable avernites

  • Ko, captain of Fort Emergence (Reconciliation).
  • Johnson, commander of Fort Emergence (Reconciliation, interim).
  • Anaximander, commander of Unspecified Services (Reconciliation).
  • Ilona, watcher of the south gate.
  • Levy, quartermaster of Fort Emergence and Keeper of Thralni's Sphere.