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Randolph Halfbreed was the leader of of a bandit group who operated in the Great Cave during the Retribution of Rentar-Ihrno. He was also in Dorikas' payroll. The most interesting fact about this individual by all accounts is that he is the first recorded case of a possible human-nephilim hybrid.


Randolph has been described as appearing as a very large nepharim with very thin, patchy fur which was tattooed with symbols. His face was reported to be bizarrely human-like and the claws on his hands were tipped with steel spikes. These were used as his primary weapons. Additional reports suggest that despite his human traits his vocal range was straight nephilim.


Next to nothing is known about Randolph Halfbreed's beginnings or early life only theories: see below. What is known is around 852 IE he appeared in records as part of a criminal gang, eventually taking leadership and turning it into a cunning force. As his wealth and notoriety increased he tattooed more magical gylphs on his skin. In 854 IE it is thought he was approached by agents of Dorikas and he began to aid this dark group. It is a puzzlement why he would do so, given the anti non-human sentiment the Darkside Loyalists followed. Letters recovered have revealed that Randolph was extremely loyal to the Loyalist's vision. He met his end in 855 IE when given orders to deal with a group of Avernite soldiers and came out the worse.

Theories of Randolph Halfbreed's origin

Many scholars and researchers have been both curious and sceptical about the claims that Randolph Halfbreed was in fact a true hybrid. Below are some of the more popular theories put forward.

Mutated Nepharim

It is possible that Randolph was the victim of an extremely rare mutation that made him appear to have human traits. There are tales of livestock on giving birth to hideous mutated young with human features. Despite the obvious answer of magical interference, the few times researchers have managed to study this phenomenon no signs of magic can be detected, making it a rare but natural occurrence. These tragic monstrosities are usually killed by horrified farmers or die from their own bodies not being able to care for themselves. What is to say something similar could not happen in an intelligent being?

Magical Experiment Subject

The symbols tattooed on Randolph's skin were reported to be full of magic. This theory continues through saying Randolph was obviously the experiment of a wizard who specialised in biology. This wizard would have blended two races together and further augmented Randolph to serve the purpose they wished. Precedent can be found in the various mages who have created new types of creatures to suit their purpose both for and against the betterment of the world. The more paranoid among the sages suggest that it was the Darkside Loyalists themselves who created or altered Randolph, suggesting that mental conditioning would explain the strange loyalty he showed towards their leader.

Work of the Deities and/or Infernal beings

Those from above or below had their own reasons for this.

True Halfbreed

The last theory is that Randolph Halfbreed is the product of joining of a human and nephil. His reported size, large even by nepharim standards could be explained as a combination of human blood plus the natural phenomenon of when two similar but still different species managed to reproduce, the offspring are much larger than either parent and are sterile. This is the case with mules. Another point is this wouldn't be the first case of mixedbloods due to the existence of the Divinely Touched, people with non-mortal ancestry. Randolph's distinctly human name suggests that he was raised by humans, possibly the parent themselves. However, it is easy to imagine that his strange appearance would lead to ostracism at a young age, leading him to a life of crime.


If this last theory is correct then it is possible that there have been other human-nephilim halfbreed individuals throughout history. Furthermore this suggests that even to produce offspring, human and nephilim origins are more linked than we have originally thought.