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The Scimitar was an organization present throughout Avernum dedicated to fighting the Empire. In the years before the Empire-Avernum War, the Scimitar found and killed Empire spies and assassins. A man known only as 'Scab' was thought to be a high-ranking member, and reports of a female leader named Rogow were also common. The Scimitar played a large role in finding passages to the surface in the early days of Avernum, although all have since been blocked off. It has been said that members of the Scimitar compared themselves to Icarus, saying that they would do anything to be close to the sun again. After Hawthorne III was assassinated, the Scimitar began to work for the Crown, doing special missions and fighting the Empire more openly. Agents of the Scimitar were particularly concerned with finding and destroying Empire caches. The Scimitar also protected the teleportation expert Thompson. In 829 IE, the Scimitar became an official branch of the Kingdom of Avernum, under the name Unspecified Services.