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Not much is known about Mahdavi's life on the surface, but she studied at a top school of magery before she was Exiled in 803 IE. Mahdavi became a mage renowned throughout Avernum for her work with magical portals. Most of her work was done alongside Thompson, an older wizard who was also a teleportation expert. In 819 IE, after Linda was removed from the Triad and expelled from the Tower of Magi for summoning demons, Mahdavi took her place in the Triad. She was instrumental in destroying the Empire's mass teleporter and ending the Empire-Avernum War. In 831 IE Linda applied to reinstated to the Tower and Mahdavi was instrumental in seeing her return. Sadly, it was Linda's summoning of Grah-Hoth that destroyed the Tower and killed Mahdavi in 833 IE.