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Aydin was a high-ranking mage in the Empire, a master of scrying who saw many wrongs committed, and began to seek some way of rebelling against the Empire. As he famously put it, "A powerful mage can rise high, and see many low things." He had two co-conspirators: his wife Josie, who was also a mage, and the archer Gilbert.

When the three were discovered, and they fled to the Northern Waters of Exile, where they set up powerful defenses to keep the Empire at bay. There, Aydin spent his time scrying the surface. He put the information he gained to good use, most significantly by assisting Hawthorne's Assassins in the task that earned them their name.

When the Empire invaded in 822 IE, they were slow to leave, and were captured by Empire troops. Gilbert was killed, while Aydin and Josie were imprisoned in the Empire Archives as punishment for their crime against Hawthorne. In 823 IE, they were freed by the Empire War Heroes, and have not been heard from since.