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Exile/Avernum Conflict
The subject matter of this article is different in the Exile and Avernum series.
An attempt has been made to unite the two concepts as best as possible. (See Exile vs Avernum)

Kobolds, also known as hivelings are humanoid creatures that superficially resemble small goblins with canine features. On average a kobold is around three feet tall and their flesh is described to be unlike most creatures but waxy and flexible despite its similarities to stone. They are muscular and fast moving for their size and have sharp teeth and claws. Recently, it has been discovered that kobolds hatch from eggs which have the appearance of round grey stones. In behavior kobolds are alike to goblins in the fact that they have little care for personal hygiene and tend to use superior numbers as a tactic when facing enemies. They are capable of learning common speech and have a tendency towards scavenging. A little known fact about kobolds are their natural skill as tunnelers, groups of kobolds can create labyrinthine warrens in a few years.


Kobolds have only been seen in remote mountain areas of Aizo, where they are constant prey for adventurers and Empire soldiers-in-training. Somehow, a group of kobolds was seen near Fort Talrus in Skylark Vale, Pralgad during the Skylark Curse.