Skylark Vale

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Map of Skylark Vale

Skylark Vale was a beautiful and prosperous area once known for housing the Skylark School of Magery. It was later decimated by toxic waste leaking from the ruins of the school, until the mess was purged by adventurers in 844 IE. It has since become a safe and productive land again.



Skylark Vale is in southern Pralgad, west of the Swamps of Dralgath and north of the Ndovlu Mountains. Anyone wishing to cross the Ndovlu Mountains by foot must pass through Skylark Vale.



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For most of its history, Skylark Vale has been a peacful, if somewhat remote, corner of the Empire. Then, under the reign of Emperor Stewart I, the Skylark School of Magery was shut down somewhat violently. Nearly a century later, magical wastes begin poisoning the river, and the Skylark Curse began. First, crops, beasts, and children began dying. Second, there was an unofficial evacuation by the richer of the inhabitants of the Vale. This trend continued for six years, in which the Vale continued suffering silently. Finally, adventurers managed to use Quickfire to destroy most of the toxins in the school, and new poisons stopped flowing into the river. Attention brought to the condition of the Vale, the Empire enforced a mandatory evacuation of the Vale, cured the diseased, and after much work cleansed the river. Since then, the refugees have moved back into the Vale, and it is once again a peacful, prosperous trading post of Pralgad.


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