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A fairly recent phenomenon which has been around for barely three decades, are the News Scrolls. These are papyrus scrolls which contain news about events which are happening in the world. They are made in the thousand and sold for a reasonable price to ordinary citizens. Although slow to take off initially, News Scrolls are sold throughout the Empire and are beginning to take a hold in Avernum.

Process in making a News Scroll

  • Firstly Information Gatherers are sent out into the world to find out what is happening in the world. Information Gatherers are just what their name suggests though they are often mistaken for spies which has lead to some misunderstandings. These people are always the move and often enlist the help of Adventurers for the more sensational pieces of a story.
  • When the story is found then written it is sent back to headquarters via Magic.
  • It is then transcribed onto a News Scroll.
  • The News Scroll is then copied many times by the magical machinery which is capable of making thousands of copies of the one scroll.
  • These are then shipped off to News Stands to be sold.


In 842 IE a Wizard from Krizsan in Valorim discovered how to make a rudimentary magical machine which could copy objects. The Wizard found that small objects like papyrus sheets worked and was especially intrigued that any inks marks were copied too. At first this fledgling industry began with doing small copying jobs for business; posters and such. It is unknown what inspired the Wizard to start sending out people for news but they did. People were curious this new phenomenon but it really took off when insider stories from the Hill Runners rebellion on Morrow's Isle were printed. The common folk found they liked being in the know which generated a demand for more stories. The distribution of News Scrolls was no longer just in Valorim, it had reached Pralgad and was quickly reaching Aizo and Vahantas. Other major stories it followed was the incident in Seleucia and the Journey to Bahssikava and the Slith Homeland.

Impact on the Empire and it's citizens

The Empire is well known for it's policies on censorship. Though it has lessened in these times it is still present within the Empire. The advent of the News Scrolls changed alot of things, news is travelling quicker and stories of corruption and other vices which may otherwise be covered up are coming out in the open. The Empire does keep a closer watch these days but still the average Empire citizen has become a whole more acknowledgeable.

The Encyclopedia Ermariana and News Scrolls

The Encyclopedia Ermariana and the News Scrolls business have friendly rivalry, as both are in the trade of compiling information and displaying it to the reader. Information Gatherers have become a new tool for research for the Encyclopedia as they can quickly gather up to date information send it through.

Prominent Information Gatherers

  • Machrone