Ornotha Ziggurat

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The Ornotha Ziggurat was one of the major Empire forts in the Empire-Avernum War. It was also here where the Crystal Soul of Caffren-Bok was stored after being stolen from the Vahnatai lands.

When the Empire conquered the Abyss at the beginning of the war in 822 IE, they renovated what was once a Giant stronghold and turned it into the Ziggurat. Led by some of the Empire's most elite soldiers, many new recruits trained after being teleported from the surface down into the caves. One such trainee soldier was Dorikas, who formed the Darkside Loyalists a few decades later.

With the help of the Vahnatai of Fort Haledon, the Ziggurat was infiltrated by the Empire War Heroes, who also recovered Caffren-Bok. Garzahd then appeared to them, attacking them with Quickfire. They managed to escape with a running leap.