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A prince of a tribe native to Vantanas, Hrothar is most famous for his role in the fight to imprison Grah-Hoth and his long vigil as the chief guard of Skarragath, Grah-Hoth's prison in Exile.


(In the interim, Hrothar was reborn as a lich)

On Vantanas

Prince Hrothar was born to the king and queen of a tribe on Vantanas and rose to fame by virtue of his attacks on the Empire's iron mines around his tribe's ancestral home. When the Empire threatened to eradicate his entire tribe if the person(s) responsible for the attacks did not surrender themselves, Hrothar came forward peacefully and hoped to negotiate a settlement. Instead, he was Exiled and never heard about his tribe again. Rumor has it that the Empire did not attack them, but did not suspend their mining operations either.


In 771 IE, Hrothar was sent down to Exile alone and mistrusting all citizens of the Empire. He was gradually won over, however, by the people he met in the caves. All alone and all surrounded by an incredibly hostile environment, everyone realized that they had a better chance of surviving if they banded together. Hrothar quickly became friends with Micah and helped him establish the Kingdom of Avernum.

Attacking Grah-Hoth

Hrothar was the leader of the small force of warriors who participated in the assault on Akhronath. His role in the attack was selfless. As Erika Redmark was launching a magical attack on the demons, Grah-Hoth sent out legions of his lieutenants to disrupt her spells, but Hrothar defended her valiantly until she breached the walls of his fortress and he could not hold out any longer. Hrothar's chestplate was shattered by a Haakai's fireball after he could not muster the energy and strength to defend himself any longer.


That death presented the priests with a unique opportunity. Hrothar's body was completely intact except for his heart, which had stopped. Using necromancy now outlawed in Avernum, he was brought back to life as a lich and asked to serve as the guardian of Skarragath, a duty no mortal Avernite could be expected to fulfill. He did so faithfully until 817 IE, when adventurers relieved him of his duties and banished Grah-Hoth for good. He was laid to rest in a respectful ceremony shortly after.