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A good idea, but stubs are not necessarily such an improvement - in some cases it is easier to see what pages need work when they do not exist yet. It doesn't do any harm to make stubs as long as they are marked as such; but if one of them isn't, it can be long before it is found...

It's possible, but...

Re: Disabling unregistered edits

It's possible, I'm just not sure if it's necessary right now. Hardly anyone comes here, and that will probably stay until I post on Spiderweb. But I see the point - logged in edits are easier to track, and it's also easier to communicated with members than with IP addresses. I'll restrict editing to registered members for now; it's always possible to reverse it later. --Aran 13:44, 30 Aug 2005 (CEST)

PS: Drakey... "Fort Monastery"? I don't remember that one from A1 or A2; is it a new fort in Avernum 4? I first came across the name in this screenshot...

In that case, I guess Fort Ganrick should be listed under some heading of "former cities". Colchis in Krizsan Province would be similar - towns that once existed (especially within the game) merit their own separate entry.

Thralni as leader of the expedition

I remember Karzoth was referred to as the leader of the First Expedition, somewhere in Avernum. Since Karzoth allegedly means Demonslayer (named after his sword), this is also supported by the mention that "their [the expedition's] leader had a demon-slaying sword". ---Aran 15:30, 30 Aug 2005 (CEST)

Re: Wands

To be honest, that Wands article needs more than just a workover... I'll get busy on the other stuff now. ---Aran 21:15, 30 Aug 2005 (CEST)

Viceroy's assassination

Teleporting mage or "disaffected guardsman"? I realize the RP necessarily diverges from the historical account, but it does say the latter in the introduction... ---Aran 23:26, 30 Aug 2005 (CEST)

Re: Timeline

The banishing of the archmagi seems very early in 776... I remember that was the only part I was doubtful about when I read Kel's site. Does it really conflict with nothing else in the game?

Yes, that "20 years" quote from Erika really makes no sense in 833. That would make the Kingdom of Avernum 4 years old in A1, which is impossible. I thought that Jeff made a mistake and meant those twenty years to be counted from 817 IE, thus 797.

It is known that mages get old, but that would make Erika well over eighty, perhaps 100, at her death. Of course, if that is feasible, then there is no problem. --- Aran 20:54, 31 Aug 2005 (CEST)

Re: Triad Wikification

I'll try to do that today. It should basically conform to an "organization" article structure.

Eastern Solarans and Western Ironclads. Well, that was the last thing I wrote before signing off yesterday night, and that was late. ^_^ ---Arancaytar --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 06:21, 1 Sep 2005 (CEST)

Edit: "signing off".

War in Pralgad

Drakey, do you have any of the maps of Pralgad you drew for the RP? I have two right now, but I'm not sure if those were all there were. ---Arancaytar --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 12:02, 1 Sep 2005 (CEST)

That's okay, I have the first map. Which makes three in total, so it's the number I remember. I'll upload them now. --- Arancaytar --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 13:09, 1 Sep 2005 (CEST)

Re: Rone

Rone's entry has been edited to reflect that he is alive. I don't know the rumor or its context/cause, so I just made up something about him withdrawing from the public for a vacation - if more specific info exists, that should be replaced. Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 23:53, 10 Nov 2005 (CET)

Re: Text dumps

No problem. Just tell me where to upload and/or send 'em. I use them in conjunction with batch find. So I get a list of all the places where the word "lich" (or whatever) appears, rather than having to Find Again... through them all. Also, I can do one batch find for all the files I want, which is particularly helpful for A4 where each zone has a separate text file. I don't know any current programs that have a good interface for batch find; I use a really old version of BBEdit running under Classic. ---Slartucker 21:48, 25 January 2006 (CST)

Aran's server seems to rejecting the login listed. I'll try again tomorrow. I'm on dialup, and the dumps are nearly 7 MB in total, so I'd rather upload them somewhere than repeatedly emailing them out. ---Slartucker 22:11, 25 January 2006 (CST)
Which did you try? The user name is weather and the password is czif46 ... it works for me as of this moment. Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 00:47, 26 January 2006 (CST)

Re: Scenario info

Well, I may have been misled by reading the Purpose section of Help:Contents, but I thought gathering this sort of information was exactly the point of EE? Illithids were a bit overboard, and that's my fault for not doing my homework on that one. Other than that, though, I've restricted it to scenarios that fit with the game canon.

Novah has nothing to do with Vogel, and that was a featured article... I dunno. Would it be helpful to make a "Fanon" category, or perhaps more to the point, a small template that could sit at the top of entries? --- Slartucker 12:54, 28 January 2006 (CST)

Illithids, as I said, I'm not gonna defend. Chimney, though, is a perfect example of scenario work that *was* carefully fitted to fit with game canon. Kirlin too, though it's been a few years since I've played that one. If there's anywhere they *don't* fit in with game canon -- or for that matter, with another piece of fan canon -- go ahead and hack away. (And your vision of the Encyclopedia doesn't sound like it would have room for Novah, either.)
I hope I'm not barging in and being disrespectful to the Blades community by saying stuff like this; I realize I'm a relative newcomer to it. If there is going to be an arbitrary standard of what material is acceptable, that's fine -- I just think it needs to be written down and explained somewhere. Right now, the Purpose listed at Help:Contents and the canon page both suggest that any material that fits with the game canon and is intelligently put together is suitable for EE, and it specifically mentions non-Vogel scenarios. Care obviously needs to be taken in including material outside the game canon, but I don't see the point of excluding it altogether. --- Slartucker 23:41, 28 January 2006 (CST)
Chimney isn't "not really supposed to exist," at least not any more than the ZKR is. Exile has lots of references to the lower caves, which are not well documented by humans. ZKR establishes the legitimacy of such caves existing and being connected to Exile without being attested to on the Exile map. And with caves, unlike with continent masses, there's virtually no danger of infringing on anyone else's additions, since the geography is less absolutely recorded.
As for how Novah is similar: Novah is *not* in the game canon at all, though obviously the Vahnatai have at least one language. Chimney is *not* in the game canon at all, though obviously there are many lower caves. I guess what I'm really asking is how does Chimney conflict with the canon? How is it any less directly based on the games than Novah? Both include their own inventions. --- Slartucker 12:33, 29 January 2006 (CST)
Ah... that makes more sense! I wasn't thinking about it like that; thanks for clarifying.
...On the other hand, while setting a future scenario in Chimney might not work well, someone else could use it to situate their own scenario: perhaps they have a town that has developed a trade with Chimney, perhaps they have a random nephil whose backstory includes service at Lushwater Toll, etc. I have to imagine there are few people who would do justice to setting a new scenario in the lands of Bahssikava, either, but the information would still be useful as a sort of enrichment. --- Slartucker 12:59, 29 January 2006 (CST)

Re: Icarus

And I wasn't accusing you. :P I just realized from the Wikipedia entry on Ouroboros that Jeff used the myth far differently from its real-world symbology, and far more negatively, so I thought I'd keep it separate. Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 15:21, 29 January 2006 (CST)

Re: Farming

Farming in Exile could certainly get an entry, between the unusual crops, the unusual livestock, the complete lack of seasons, and the hazards. I'm honestly pretty indifferent about it, though, and you're probably right about farming in general. --- Slarty 10:40, 11 March 2006 (CST)

Empire Category

I was under the impression that the category covered things related to the Empire or living on its lands, not necessarily of the Empire. So I guess the category is not meant to be comparable in scope to the Avenrum category?

Should Aydin be removed, then? And what about Ernest? Troglodytes? --- Slarty 19:27, 4 May 2006 (CDT)

Re: SE-sectomy from Plagues Article

"I wouldn't take the surface explorers out entirely, unless you plan on making an obvious link to them in the top part of the article and then writing the Surface Explorers entry too. --Drakey 19:08, 11 September 2006 (CDT)" I was trying to keep myself from letting the SEs influence the article, so I was planning on re-writing each article then editing the article as a whole again, entering in summaries for each way the SEs dealt with each Plague. What would you suggest, out of the three options I have? --Rakshasi2 19:34, 11 September 2006 (CDT)

Moving pages (re magic barriers)

Just wanted to note that I can move pages, including talk pages and edit histories, even when the target page exists. So if a page should be moved but can't, the best way is to drop me a message and I'll do it without all that copy-paste hassle. Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 04:33, 14 September 2006 (CDT)

Re: colors

Ever since the skin changed to a light-on-dark color scheme, the problem has been the yellow links clashing with the light title bar colors, making it nearly unreadable. The way it is now, the dark backgrounds make for a clear contrast to the light text in the default skin.

I'm not yet sure how to make the colors adapt to the skin that is being used (there's a wiki-editable, skin-specific css stylesheet though, so when there is time we could do that); meanwhile it will only look good if you're using the default skin. Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 07:00, 14 September 2006 (CDT)

Yeah, I didn't realize changing the default wouldn't change the preferences of existing members. This stuff is much easier to handle on IPB; there you can simply "migrate" the entire board to a new skin and change everyone's settings at once. Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 08:21, 14 September 2006 (CDT)

Sourcing apocryphra

I may have been a bit overzealous in my use of Urermariana. It may be worth checking to see if some of those are essentially Relhan canon or Drakefyre canon. --- Slarty 08:38, 29 December 2006 (PST) Or Ironclad canon. --- Slarty 09:03, 29 December 2006 (PST)

From Aran

Re: What's new

Slartucker has been all over our vinyakarie* and put source tags on it. Also, we have a new top-level category namespace, which is shown on the main page. Besides that, there hasn't been very much. -- Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 22:20, 7 June 2007 (PDT)

Edit: Gah, I was going to footnote the weird term, but forgot. *vinyakarie: Literally "new stuff", a term that Tolkien fans use to describe non-canonical additions to Middle-Earth. I'm not suggesting we adopt it, just showing off my vocabulary. :P (Also, I misremembered the subject of your message, and corrected it now)

-- Arancaytar | Send Reply! --- That is not dead which can eternal lie... 03:30, 8 June 2007 (PDT)