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Athron was the most reclusive of the dragons. She lived in a hidden and warded lair tucked away in the Honeycomb. Around 825 IE, she hatched a brood of dragons, her offspring with a very distant mate. Frustrated by the constant increase in human activity in the caves, Athron eventually moved to the surface in search of solitude. She lived in the distant northwest corner of the Midori Province with her siblings Sulfras and Khoth.

Although Athron despised humans, she helped the agents of Unspecified Services to end the Plagues by providing them with a magical bar of metal out of her own trove which would be crafted by ritual into the Beastslayer Blade. However, some suspect that this was more out of her desire to cooperate with her siblings than it was to end the Plagues. The Plagues were essentially destroying the Empire, something which she herself desired.

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