Gabor Krizsan

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Source: Urermariana

General Gabor Krizsan was a Dervish Field Commander of the Imperial Army, and a key figure in the Nephilim Wars that cast a shadow over the early settlement of Valorim. General Krizsan was of the Empire's most brilliant, celebrated and loyal strategists, and he won battles against many different foes. For his bravery, he was eventually rewarded by having the southwesternmost of the six provinces in Valorim, and its capital, named after him, the province which he helped conquer and defend. Unsurprisingly, for this he became a hero.

However, General Krizsan's popularity was soon to become a curse to him and his descendants as he became envied and feared by the Emperor at the time, Strongarm II, and was assassinated. Later, during the reign of Hawthorne III all of Krizsan's family was Exiled for 'past treasons'. During their time in Exile, the Krizsan family thrived, and by the time of the Empire-Avernum War, they were out fighting the Empire and had been given the task of training soldiers for the Kingdom of Avernum. The most prominent Krizsan was Lt. Mariann Krizsan, a training camp leader in the Great Cave.