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Julio was an idealistic jack-of-all-trades who was exiled in 808 IE for exposing corruption among his town's officials. He became obsessed with finding an exit, and searched most of Exile, save the Unsettled Lands in the southwest -- which, not surprisingly, is exactly where the last remaining exit was -- before settling down in Almaria in 813 IE.

There, Julio became a center of the community. Besides serving as the town sage and alchemist, he had a daughter, Kelly, by Rhiannon. During the Empire-Avernum War, he also served as Almaria's trainer.

Ever determined to reach the surface, Julio travelled to Upper Avernum when it was first settled, where he employed himself as a mapmaker. He worked with mages to obtain the first maps of Krizsan Province that were given to the Surface Explorers.

After the Reconciliation, however, Julio apparently decided he liked the caves after all, and he returned to Almaria, this time as a maker of the city's famous wine.