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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
City of Almaria
Great Cave
Major Industries
Kingdom of Avernum
Trading, Farming, Wine

Almaria is one of the Six Cities of Exile. Sitting at the mouth of the Great Cave, atop the only bridge that connects it with the Honeycomb to the east, it is the most central settlement in Avernum.


Early years

Almaria was founded shortly after the Castle, during the First Slith War. It served to protect the eastern edge of the Great Cave, and was also a stopover between the Great Cave in the west, and Mertis and the Tower of Magi in the east. The caves east of Almaria, warmed by the nearby fumaroles, turned out to be the perfect place for a makeshift wine industry, for which Almaria gained great fame.

During First Slith War

Almaria was the subject of a particularly bloody series of assaults during the latter part of the war, due to its strategic location, and its vulnerability to amphibious assaults by the slithzerikai. There was also a slith assassin, Nyryssa, who afflicted the city. The almarians employed the services of a passing band of mercenaries to kill her. Cotra was equally vulnerable, but the location was useless to the sliths, whereas taking Almaria would both disrupt Avernite trade, and create a second front for the sliths to attack the Great Cave on. For this reason, many Almarians developed an insular, defensive mindset, which persisted for years to come.

During Empire-Avernum War

Almaria's central location led to its use as a military supply depot for the entire avernite army. Several attempts by the Empire to infiltrate, disrupt, or attack the supply handlers were foiled. One of the most famous incidents happened during a lucky visitation by the Empire War Heroes, who - alongside the guards - expunged a group of Empire infiltrators, led by an imperial captain called Adakal.

After the war Almaria enjoyed years of peace and prosperity, collecting bridge tolls and selling its' famous wine to the rest of Avernum.

During Retribution

In 855 IE, as part of the vahnatai Retribution, Almaria was afflicted with the Black Shade of Venom. Unlike the other Black Shades, this one never left Almaria, and the effects on its citizens were extreme. The entire town became paranoid and hostile, shutting out even men from the Castle, while Almarian citizens locked up and then tried to murder Olgai tribe ambassador Ghall-Ihrno. The Black Shade was eventually cut down by adventurers.

Government and society

Mayor sat on Council of Avernum.


  • Bevan

Trade and services

The largest export of Almaria is unsurprisingly Almarian Wine. It is reasonable to postulate that the famous brands like Mushroom Merlot '91, Hardonnay '85 and Almaria Yellow '91 originate from Almaria, or its' outlying wineries. These vintages have grown incredibly ever since; with some scholars even arguing that they never existed in the first place.

In absence of any notable farms or farming areas within the Great Cave, one of Almaria's biggest imports are the various mushroom strains from the nearby farming city of Mertis, and its' own yield from the crops to the southeast. Almaria also has been known to import a lot of quality steel from Fort Draco and Dharmon. Its' central location between the Great Cave - Eastern Gallery route has made it a profitable place for a lot of merchants to set up shop in its' past.


  • Wine
  • Almarian Wine
  • Mushroom Merlot '91
  • Hardonnay '85
  • Almaria Yellow '91


  • Mushrooms
  • Mushroom meal
  • Herbs, molds (for alchemy and fermenting)
  • Weapons, armor
  • Raw steel
  • Bridge tolls