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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
City of Cotra
Eastern Gallery
Major Industries
Kingdom of Avernum
Trading, Fishing

Cotra is one of the Six Cities of Exile. It was destroyed by a gazer raid during the Empire-Avernum War, and has subsequently been partially rebuilt.


Cotra was one of the first settlements made by the exiled folk, after Silvar. The mouth of the tiny river that pours out of the crystal cave made it a prime location for fishing. In its early days, Cotra was heavily guarded due to the presence of hostile slithzerikai in the waters south and west. However, because it relied on fishing for its food, rather than expansive farming, it was much easier to defend. As Avernum began to take over the caves and the slith threat diminished, Cotra's waterfront location made it a center of trade as well, with the river leading east to Silvar, north to Fort Draco, and south to Almaria.

In 823 IE, during the Empire-Avernum War, Cotra was assaulted and destroyed in the span of a few minutes by a lightning gazer raid. The Empire troops took advantage of the vahnatai barriers, conducting the raid when few Avernite troops could reach Cotra to help defend it. The Empire had intended to seize Cotra's bellows to help arm their troops, but disagreements with the gazers prevented them from doing this right away. Before they were able to, the gazers were wiped out by several operatives, including Yong-Mi and the Empire War Heroes. Meanwhile, refugees from Cotra fled to Silvar. The slaughter of Cotra was the greatest loss Avernum sustained during the war.

For many years after the war Cotra lay in ruins. Plans to rebuild it were scrapped when Upper Avernum was colonized in 831 IE, and many of its survivors went there, founding New Cotra. Many years after the Reconciliation, once Avernum had bounced back from its initial population loss and the threat of the Second Slith War had subsided, the Avernites finally began to rebuild Cotra.


Mayor sat on Council of Avernum.


  • Steele
  • Falko