Greater Shades

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Rentar-Ihrno created three powerful magical shades during the Retribution. Little is known about the form and origin of these extensively modified undead creatures, aside from their kinship to regular shades.

These Shades were designed to terrorize the cities of Avernum by restricting trade and freedom and instilling fear and paranoia. Each of the shades would move between two cities (except the one in Almaria). They would stand perfectly still until they selected a target to destroy or kill. To be selected as a target, one would have to do business with outsiders (or people not from that city).

When Shades suffered any damage, they would project a strange, powerful healing mist. This ability enabled them to survive any and all assaults by avernite forces until the Shade-Killers, working under the guidance of Correlea, were able to nullify their power by using the onyx scepter as a control rod. All three Shades were destroyed several months after their appearance.

Black Shade of Ice

In 855 IE, Formello and Silvar were attacked by the Black Shade of Ice. The way it would kill its vitims (or anyone who attacked it) was to freeze them solid.

Damage (other than human life) was to:

  • In Formello: part of the Park and a merchant's station.
  • In Silvar: the Mayor's Office and the Main Barracks.

Dark Shade of Venom

This Shade terrorized only the city of Almaria. Since the Shade never left, the people were affected even more than usual by its' presence. This caused them to experience extreme paranoia. Many innocent people were hanged or murdered. The Shade would kill its' victims by subjecting them to a lethal dose of poison.

Some amount of damage was caused to a few stores and a barracks.

Red Shade of Hatred

This Shade terrorized the cities of Blosk and Dharmon. It would kill its victims by gathering overwhelming numbers of undead. After the people of Blosk attacked it in an initiative led by Vicky, the Shade destroyed nearly all of the city, except for the City Hall and a couple of homes.

The people of Dharmon protected the Shade from attacks to avoid turning up like Blosk.