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Cities and Settlements of Ermarian
Village of Mertis
Acting Mayor
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Kingdom of Avernum

Mertis is a small farming village with many outlying farms that lies in the Honeycomb, halfway between Silvar and the Tower Colony.


When the Empire found the caves of Exile, they first sent down the First Expedition, to determine its worth as part of the Empire. Very early on, the Expedition split into several groups for unknown reasons. One particular group was pursued by hostile Slithzerikai, and fought a running battle into the Mertis Spiral. Despairing, a magic barrier was erected to prevent the Sliths from getting to them. However, the group was unable to dispel the barrier, and starved to death. Their spirits haunted the Mertis Spiral for many years.

After the Founding of Avernum, Mertis was soon established unknowingly near this cursed area. Soon, hordes of undead started wandering into the city, and the guards had difficulty keeping them out. The Avernite Army did little to help, and eventually Hawthorne's Assassins infiltrated the Mertis Spiral, and killed many of the undead. Eventually, they found the cause of the problem, and not being particularily powerful in terms of priestly powers, they could do nothing to stop it.

When the Empire-Avernum War started up, the undead rose again. The village continued suffering silently, until the Empire War Heroes came to the Mertis Spiral. Like the other adventurers before them, they infiltrated through, and eventually saw the scene of death. This group of adventurers however, was stronger, and successfully cleansed the curse by using the Ritual of Sanctification.


  • Kirp
  • Elder Arron