First Expedition Brooches

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Use During First Expedition

In 746 IE, the Empire discovered a huge set of caves deep beneath the surface of Ermarian. They decided to send an exploratory group to rid the caves of monsters and other humanoid beings so that it would be made habitable. The exploratory group (known to Avernites as the First Expedition), was given five powerful brooches to use for communication purposes while in the caves. They were given to the leader, Karzoth, and his four lieutenants, Thralni, Scrioth,

They were teleported into the caves. They soon realized that there was too much to explore so they made a decision to split up hoping to keep in contact using the brooches. They realized too late that they couldn’t communicate with anyone. The brooches were meant to be used together, not separate.

Eventually, all of the members of the First Expedition were killed and all of their treasured items (including the brooches) were either lost or taken by other humanoids or creatures.

Use Against Hawthorne

Archmage Erika Redmark came up with a sinister plot to assassinate Emperor Hawthorne. She planned to send a small, stealthy group into the heart of Hawthorne’s castle to kill him. She soon hired a small group of adventurers (later known as Hawthorne’s Assassins) to do the job.

To do this, they needed a wide array of items and rituals. The toughest of these items to claim were the five brooches. Erika told the adventurers that they would need all five in order for her plan to work properly. She only had hints about where they were located. It was up to the adventurers to find them and bring them back to her. Once they had all of the brooches (and all other items and rituals), she told them to meet her at the very end of a long and trapped tunnel. Once done, Erika teleported them into Hawthorne’s castle. They fought their way to the throne room where Hawthorne was and killed him. The job being completed, Erika teleported the adventurers back to Avernum.

This is the last time we hear about the brooches ever being seen. It is rumored that once the brooches successfully brought Hawthorne’s Assassins back to Avernum, they crumbled to dust. It makes sense seeing that items of clear power and historical prowess just disappeared from the face of Ermarian.

Locations of the Brooches

Pearl- Found on the body of (?) at the lowest cave in the Mertis Spiral. Malachite- Found on the body of (?) inside the G.I.F.T.S. cave. Ivory- Found in salamanders nest in the west end of the dragon Motrax’s Cave. Chalcedony- Found in a box in the dragon Pyrog’s treasure room. Ebony- Bertrand in Mertis stole from Eldin somewhere near Dharmon.