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Town of New Formello
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New Formello is a settlement of Upper Avernum, nestled in a cave system under the Pergha mountains. The city was named after the prominent Avernum settlement, Formello. The city is north of New Cotra, the northernmost settlement in all of Upper Avernum.


New Formello has not been a city for long, so it has a rather brief history.


When the Surface Portal was created in Upper Exile, Portal Fortress and Fort Emergence were among the first settlement to be built. When the military had finished necessary construction, colonists, settlers, and volunteers were allowed to use the portal, and established two cities north of Portal Fortress, New Formello and New Cotra. Of the two, New Formello was the less settled of the two, partially because of constant chitrach raids. These were eventually ended by the Surface Explorers, and the city started to grow again.


Later, around the time that the Surface Explorers had started destroying the first Plagues on the Surface of Valorim, New Formello experienced a cavequake. Two workers in the caves to the north of the settlement were killed, by activating a magical trap in which chitrachs attacked them. The Surface Explorers once again returned to the settlement to solve the deaths, and found a hidden passage leading further into the caves. They activated more such traps, and eventually reached a dead end with an unknown corpse with a key. The key was later found to be to essential to destroying the Alien beasts breeding area, where the Vahnatai bred them to destroy Footracer Province, and intendedly all of Valorim.


The main industries of New Formello are farming and mining, but these are relatively minor.


Although started as a small settlement, after the Reconciliation of the Empire and Avernum, the population skyrocketed over night. At current times, there are estimated to be fifty thousand Avernites in New Formello, still making it the smallest settlement in Upper Avernum.