Nephilim Castle

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Dungeons and Lairs of Ermarian
Nephilim Castle
Northeastern Exile
Originally Fort now ruins
At various times; Nephilim, cultists and bandits

The Nephilim Castle is a castle southwest of Formello. It has been the home of various criminals and enemies of the Kingdom of Avernum throughout history.


Founding and Early Years

It was originally built and inhabited by Nephilim of the Split-Tail clan who were Exiled by sympathetic Empire officials. There, the Nephilim fought against the Avernites at Fort Duvno and Formello. Eventually, the Hawthorne's Assassins raided and killed most of the nephilim army. Some time afterwards a cavequake caused the somewhat shoddy structure to collapse.

Undead Cult

Years later, during the Empire-Avernum War, the blasted ruins of the Nephilim Castle were inhabited by the necromantic Bonewalker clan. These cultists, using the large amount of corpses left over from Hawthorne's Assassins' destruction of the complex years earlier, made an army of undead. The cultists thrived for a time, due to the Avernite Army being occupied by the Empire, until the undead were destroyed and the complex sanctified by the Empire War Heroes.

Bandit Headquarters

A band of criminals lead by the Bandit Hanvar used the ruins as their headquarters.

During Slith War

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