Tor Gunston

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Tor Gunston was a simple guard who received widespread fame in Exile for the many years during which he worked at Fort Avernum with his wife, Diane. Tor was responsible for doling out supplies to newly exiled arrivals, and as such gave everyone an equal opportunity in the new land, lessening crime somewhat.

When the Empire stopped sending people to Exile, Tor married Carol Hamer and retired to a homestead just east of Fort Draco. (What happened to Diane is unknown.) Because of his military background, Tor helped the farmers organize defenses against Nephilim raids. It is rumored that the Empire War Heroes visited Tor here briefly on their way to Formello.

Frustrated by salamanders and other obstacles to farming, Tor eventually sold the farm to his fieldhands, Jasmine and Nicholas. He and Carol began working at the Portal Fortress, Tor once again overseeing a variety of supplies. He himself has noted the irony that "Once I gave supplies to people coming from the surface into the caves. Now I give supplies to people coming from the caves to the surface."

A few years later, Tor and Carol separated, and Tor has resumed his old job at the newly rebuilt Fort Avernum. In addition to taking care of the supplies, he now has duties as a mechanic.