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In 852 IE, was one of many Empire residents who chose to make the caves their home. In 854 IE, she became the new resident mage at a new fort called Fort Monastery. She had no extraordinary talent or knowledge, but she did have a set of scrolls that she brought down with her from the surface.

Retribution Errand

A few months after Fort Monastery was established, a group of new soldiers (later known as the Shade Killers) came to the fort. Lark taught them some early mage spells. When they defeated the goblin threat and were released from duty by Captain Matos, she gave them a copy of one of the scrolls and told them to go to Formello to see if anyone could decipher the code. The only thing that they found out was to go check in the Tower Colony. They went there, but nothing except to check in Patrick's Tower. They went to Patrick’s Tower but found nothing except to go to the ruins of the dragon Khoth’s cave. They now finally had the answer to deciphering the scrolls. They went back to the set of scrolls and were able to decipher them. The scrolls held two very powerful enchantments: Arcane Shield and Divine Retribution.

Because of the importance of the scrolls, Lark became very famous and sought after.

Living Near the Frontier

She moved to the Northern Frontier in 866 IE. She helped rebuild New Harston and build a new transportation portal system for the frontier. Three years later, Empress Prazac I was nearly assassinated by a man named Dorikas. In 870 IE, a group of Empire soldiers commonly referred to as Prazac Avengers, were tasked with hunting Dorikas. Lark asked them as they went through the Northern Frontier, if they could find, kill, and extract certain organs and bring them back to her. They did so and she would make potions and share it with them. The potions would increase certain of both hers and their own abilities.

During the Horde and Blight Era

In 877 IE, when the Mushroom Blight appeared, the Northern Frontier was abandoned. She was allowed to set up shop at the Castle. While there, she was tasked with item scavenging. Most importantly, she was tasked with rounding up Avernum’s most important items and sending them to the surface for safekeeping until the current troubles were over. She mainly made use of a group of soldiers (later known as the Horde Triad Slayers) to round up four of Avernum's greatest treasures: a Blessed Athame, the onyx scepter, Orb of Thralni and Demonslayer.