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How I know these games

Hello my name is Arch-Mage Solberg. (Spiderweb Software forum name)

I played my first spiderweb game (Exile: Escape From the Pit) about August 1998 from the Galaxy of Games Shareware CD's. (Exile II: Crystal Souls was also on those CD's)

I've been a member of Spiderweb since November 20, 2001.

I have bought all of their games (except Geneforge 2,3,4,5, and Nethergate:Resurrection)


My real name is Jerry Bush. I was born on December 21, 1980 in Woodbury, TN. I was raised most of my life in Manchester, TN. Did the usual things like go to school, have fun, and work. I joined the Navy on March 29, 2001. I boarded my first boat, USS JACKSONVILLE SSN 699, on January 10, 2002. I visited a few places (like Puerto Rico, Annapolis, MD, Port Canaveral, etc) onboard before the boat was drydocked in Portsmouth, NH on August 16, 2004. I got out of the Navy on March 30, 2006. Now I stay at home to take care of my dad who had Cancer surgery Aug 3, 2010.


These are the one's I either created or had a big hand in. Not included are the one's I just added a little here or there. There will be more!

Recent/Future Work

I am currently working on updating the ermariana encyclopedia.